Chamberlain 433MHz Wireless Keyless Entry System 747E


Chamberlain 433MHz Wireless Keyless Entry System 747E



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Mounts on the garage door jamb. Choice of over 10.000 4-digit personal codes. Weatherproof construction and flip-top cover. Includes installation hardware and battery.

Modulation: AM

Dimensions: 55x165x20mm

Back-lit keyboard for easy use in the dark

Can control multiple doors with a separate code

Includes: keypad. 9V battery. and mounting hardware

Only suits Chamberlain Liftmaster garage door openers operating on built-in 433MHz radio controls. To check that your opener is a compatible model look on the serial number label for the suffix “UK” or “433” after the model number and a green programming button on the back panel. If your model does not have the specified suffix it may be an earlier or later model operating on a different frequency – see other listings. In the event that your opener is not one listed as compatible with any of the keypads on offer. you could choose a Domino keyless entry system.