Slotted Angle and Fixings

Slotted Angle and Fixings

Versatile Galvanised Slotted Angle. A versatile system of metal angles to construct anything by simply cutting to length and bolting together. Slotted angle provides versatile and space-saving solutions for your warehouse or industrial unit. Designed to be a truly multi-purpose product, Slotted Angle can be used to construct nearly any storage or support system. Whether it’s building shelving, benches, access platforms, test rigs, security cages, temporary partitioning, or supporting cladding, pipe work and other construction projects, it gets the right angle on every job. Slotted Angle will provide self-assembled, simple and fast solutions to many of the challenges of your warehouse, factory or construction site.

  • Customisable, multi-purpose construction product
  • Quick and easy assembly – simply cut and bolt together for strong, rigid structures

Slotted angle sections come galvanised and are easily cut down to size and bolted together to form a range of constructs. Each structure can be easily modified or disassembled so that the components can be reused.

  • Allows easy modification
  • Reusable if disassembled

For when you need a truly bespoke storage or support construct, Slotted Angle can be used time and time again, wherever and whenever you need it.