Garador Garamatic Canopy Operator

Garador Garamatic Canopy Operator

Garador Garamatic Canopy Operator

  • Unrestricted drive through height
  • Canopy operator
  • Peak force: 750N
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Garamatic Canopy Operator – with boom and 2 handsets

The GaraMatic is a reliable and secure automatic operator that comes complete with two 4 button hand transmitters, so you can open your garage door without having to leave the comfort of your car. This operator complies with the latest European safety standards, is maintenance free and has a super smooth quiet door action. It is also highly secure with an integral anti-burglar device as standard. The GaraMatic is perfectly matched with Garador up & over canopy garage doors and are prepared for easy installation.

  • Comes with two 4 button hand transmitters (black) as standard
  • Simple to operate
  • Soft start and soft stop
  • Automatic Safety Reversal
  • Automatic locking to prevent forced entry
  • Fast opening with maximum speed of 14cm per second
  • Remote status query feature indicates whether your garage door is open or closed
  • Bi-directional radio technology utilised for better security and a more reliable signal that can be used over a longer distance
  • Integral light
  • Streamlined plastic cover

Benefits of New GaraMatic Canopy Operator

Unrestricted Drive Through Height

The original canopy bow-arm design reduced drive through height by 140mm. When in the open position, the activating arm on the GaraMatic canopy operator sits behind the top edge of the door, giving unrestricted drive through height.

Quick and Easy to Install

The new Garamatic canopy operator is quick and easy to install. The activating arm is attached to the shuttle within the boom, guide wheels help keep the device running smoothly and the torsion spring requires minor adjustment of 2 extra turns.

Made for Garador Canopy Doors

The unique GaraMatic canopy operator makes automating canopy doors simple and reliable. Take advantage of our introductory offer of a FREE FIT2BS with every order placed before Friday 14th September 2018. The activating arm is not sold separately.

Garage door operator for domestic use - not suitable for commercial use! For dry areas only

No. of parking operations:

Max 12 door cycles (open/close) per day or 6 parking operations

Operator details:

  • 24 V DC gear drive
  • Mains voltage 230 – 240 V AC, 0.2 kW
  • Push and pull force 600 N, peak force 750 N
  • Opening speed 14 cm/s

Electronic control unit:

  • Microprocessor control
  • Automatic adjustment of safety cut-out and travel limits
  • Soft start and soft stop
  • Automatic timer adjustable
  • Hold-open time 30 sec after activation
  • Impulse control

Operator boom FS 10 (at additional cost):

  • Self-supporting steel boom with polyester/polyamide toothed belt
  • Plastic slide carriage and automatic belt tensioner
  • 1-piece, completely pre-assembled

Standard equipment:

  • With two 4-button micro hand transmitter HSE 4 BS and integral receiver in 868.3 MHz
  • Each hand transmitter factory-coded individually from over 1 trillion combinations
  • Quick release operated from the inside connecting cable with CEE plug
  • Integral garage light with factory set 2-minute light
  • Door security kit as safety device
  • Universal installation bracket for up-and-over doors canopy doors


  • Plastic

Temperature range:

  • From - 20°C up to + 60°C

Note: Installation of photocell is required if automatic timer is activated