Garador CM / DC-Type (Pre 2002)

Garador CM / DC-Type (Pre 2002)

Garador CM and later DC (Double Canopy) geared semi-retractable garage doors are unique in that they are both tracked and yet form a canopy while in the open position. They are easily identified by the tracks which are self-supporting being fixed only to the garage door frame jambs and stabilised by a diagonal bracing bar to the head of the garage door frame.

The springs are located at the sides of the garage door anchored at the base of the garage door frame jamb to a spring anchor bracket and at the other end to a link arm which lifts and supports the garage door throughout its travel to the open position.

Pre 1998 springs are identified by their tag number (three digits) which if still in existence, should be wired to one end of the spring. On post 1998 springs the identification number is punched into the eye at on end of the spring.

In the highly likely event of the tag no longer being in existence, the following information should prove useful in identifying the correct springs for the garage door.

View/Download – Steel/Timber/GRP double door spring chart