Marantec Handsets

Marantec Handsets

Marantec have marketed a number of different garage door openers over the years using different radio frequencies and a variety of styles of hand transmitters.

The now obsolete frequencies for garage door remotes are 27MHz (dipswitch type), Digital 418MHz and “old style” Digital 433MHz transmitters.

Current “new style” 433MHz and the latest 868MHz handsets cover the present range of garage door openers. Frequency upgrade kits are available for 27MHz and 418MHz whilst the new style 433MHz handsets are compatible with the old style.

Marantec “Digital” garage door remotes were first introduced using 418MHz then during 2000 a change was made to the 433MHz frequency and later, in 2004, a new 868MHz system was launched. The frequency is printed on the back of all handsets and on the receiver unit fitted to garage door openers motor head.

Programming guides are available as a download within each product listing. If you do not have any operational garage door remotes a new handset must be programmed to recognise the receiver on your garage door opener using the procedure in the original users instruction manual.

Some Marantec garage door openers may not be fitted with Marantec controls especially when the controls are being used in conjunction with automatic gates. If this is the case look through our numerous other listings to find a matching or compatible handset.

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