Wurth Chemical Fix

Wurth Chemical Fix

Wurth Chemical Fix


  • Chemical Anchoring WIT- P200

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Wurth Chemical Fix

WIT-EA 200 Resin Anchor S/F

Polyester resin without styrene for universal uses. For heavyweight anchoring on concrete, solid masonry and perforated masonry.

On hollow masonry, make the hole with normal drilling instead of hammer-drilling in order to protect the internal chambers of the bricks, and use with mesh or sleeved bushings

For fixing machinery, railings and fences, metal beams, windows, wash-basins, radiators, sun blinds, cabinets, shelves, grates, etc.

  • Coaxial cartridge
  • A two-component chemical anchoring product, high quality and with excellent thixotropic properties
  • Conforms to LEED requirements according to EQ C4.1
  • Always use with static mixer provided with the cartridge
  • Temperature-resistant: +50°C continuous and temporary max. +80°C
  • Of a higher quality than other polyester resins present on the market
  • Only one type of resin for use on several types of backing materials
  • The Fill&Clean static mixer facilitates cleaning because it is equipped with a cleaning spatula
  • Contains no styrene and therefore less odour
  • Average resistance to chemical agents and weathering
  • Anchorage of different accessories such as threaded rods, hooks, eyelets, threaded bushings etc.