Westland Garage Door Roller Wheels


Westland Garage Door Roller Wheels


  • Westland Engineering roller wheels
  • Size – 21mm
  • Pair


  • Description


Westland Garage Door Rollers

Premium quality nylon guide rollers to suit Westland Engineering Mk1, Mk2, Mk3C, S/S and C-Type garage doors including double Belgravia, manufactured prior to 1999. When used on older doors with red oxide painted as opposed to zinc-plated spindles, it is advisable to warm the rollers prior to fitting in hot water to assist fitting and reduce the risk of splitting.

Note: Our Westland garage door rollers are made to match the original part and should not be compared to inferior “generic” products available elsewhere.

Supplied pre-packed in pairs.

Size – 21mm plastic guide rollers.