Garador GaraMatic 10 Series 4 Head Only

Garador GaraMatic 10 Series 4

Garador GaraMatic 10 Series 4 Head Only


  • NEW Series 4
  • Integrated Bluetooth receiver
  • LED lighting
  • Peak force: 800N


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Garage Door Operator – GaraMatic 10 – NEW Series 4 (Head Only)

The new range of GaraMatic operators have been designed to provide years of reliable service and the convenience of opening your garage door at the touch of a button. New energy efficient LED lighting, a power saving mode and smartphone connectivity are perfect for modern lifestyles.

The GaraMatic 10 delivers the reliability and performance you have come to expect from a Garador electric operator, with automatic safety reversal, mechanical lock and bi-directional radio technology as standard. A more powerful 650 N motor, adjustable LED lights and an integrated bluetooth receiver for controlling your garage door with your smartphone.

LED Lighting for energy efficiency
The GaraMatic 9 features an integral LED light with 10 LEDs for energy efficiency. Furthermore, it has a low power consumption of less than 1 watt in stand-by mode.

Third ventilation opening position
In addition to the half-open ventilation position, the GaraMatic 9 also has a one-third open ventilation position. This feature is only activated with the use of the climate sensor.

Secure mechanical locking system
The boom is equipped with a secure mechanical lock to prevent forced entry. Even in the event of a power cut, the door cannot be forced open.

Optional bluetooth receiver
Smartphone connectivity using the Garador BlueSecur app is possible for GaraMatic 9 via optional bluetooth receiver (HET-BLE). A larger and more accessible connection compartment on the back of the operator, makes the integrated circuit board easier to access when connecting accessories or smarthome systems.

Garage door operator for domestic use - not suitable for commercial use! For dry areas only.

Product Description:

Opening Speed 25cm / second
Cycles per day 25
Pull and push forces 650N
Peak force 800N
Maximum door width 5500mm
Integral LED light 20 LED lights
Adjustable LED light for energy efficiency Yes
Automatic safety reversal Yes
Remote status query Yes
Bi-directional radio technology Yes
868MHz high frequency signals Yes
Soft start and soft stop Yes
Low power consumption (< 1 watt) Yes
Self-closing timer Yes
Third door position for ventilation (only with climate sensor) Yes
Integrated bluetooth receiver for controlling operator using Garador App Yes
HCP interface to connect accessories or external SmartHome systems (i.e. Apple HomeKit) Yes