Capital Eurokit Control Unit with Safety Edge

Roller door control unit with safety edgeRoller door control unit with safety edge
Rubber safety edgeRubber safety edge
Rubber stopsRubber stops

Capital Eurokit Control Unit with Safety Edge

£9.36 £9.36 Per Metre + £176.40

PLEASE NOTE: The price per metre shown is for the Safety Edge only! The control unit CPR5050 and pair of rubber stops CPR5052 will be added automatically at their respective prices! When ordering, enter the length of rubber safety edge required.


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Products that will be added:

  • Capital Eurokit Control Unit with Safety Edge £162.00 CPR5050
  • Rubber Stops For Eurokit Safety Edge Rubber (Pair) £14.40 CPR5052
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Universal Roller Door Control Unit

Capital Eurokit Control Unit with Safety Edge, includes two remotes.

This kit includes:

  • Capital Eurokit Control Unit with Safety Edge – CPR5050
    Includes 2x Remotes
  • Safety Edge Rubber CPR5051
  • Rubber Stops pair CPR5052

Easy installation

Radio remote control unit operating on 433.92MHz

Complete with 2 x EUROFOB pre-programmed transmitters

Hardwired optical safety edge input**

Stop & Return safety feature for use with safety edge**

Programmable motor run time setting option

EUROFOBs now with CR2032 batteries for longer life

Easy and secure mounting c/w with fixing screws

Impulse and Deadman open and close option**

Panel mounted membrane up, down & stop push buttons

Spacious cable area c/w removable terminals

Fitted with a 1.5m pre-wired power cable and a moulded UK Plug

Stop circuit for safety brake micro switches and photocells

230v courtesy light output with adjustable time control

Low voltage control inputs for key switches, rocker switches etc

Suitable for use with all 230v/50Hz tube motors up to 360nm

60 transmitter programmable memory function

CE compliant

Can be used to replace failing PDT systems
Replacement remotes available upon request.

Full Installation Instructions