Sommer 868MHz Keyring Two Channel Handset

Sommer 868MHz Keyring

Sommer 868MHz Keyring Two Channel Handset


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A replacement two channel 868.8MHz handset exclusively for use with the Sommer/Henderson garage door openers including Aperto models operating on 868MHz.

  • Type: TX03-8-2
  • Manufacturers Part No. 4035
  • Henderson Order code 4021
  • Controls up to two doors individually
  • Programming instructions supplied
  • CR2032 battery included

Identification is easy – The Sommer or Henderson part number can be found on the back of the handset and the frequency can be confirmed by the label on the receiver unit or on the opener. Old and new frequencies are not compatible with each other so correct identification is critical. Henderson handsets are Blue/Green in colour and Sommer models are Grey.

Earlier Sommer and Henderson openers operate on the 40.685MHz frequency.