5580 AC 4 Piece C-Rail Chaindrive Operator with Integral Radios


5580 AC 4 Piece C-Rail Chaindrive Operator with Integral Radios



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Liftmaster Garage Door Opener 5580-2 – (HEAD and Rail Package)

This head and rail package comprises the motor head and the four-piece chain rail. We have selected the four-piece rail option for ease of assembly and transportation all in the one box.

All Liftmaster garage door openers (LM3800A partly) come with automatic-learn force sensing , easy to program electronic
limits, rolling code technology, energy saving transformer, quick-connect wire terminals, logic board with
diagnostics, 1-light (230V/40W) with 2.5 minute adjustable light delay, antenna, door-in-door and flashing light

Recommended for Canopy Doors:

The Liftmaster 5580 is canopy door compatible with a bow arm, we strongly urge the use of this model in preference to others in the range, due to its uniquely tolerant sensitivity and safety features being ideally suited to the up and down forces created by converted canopy doors.


Heavy-duty AC motor
Chain drive
Flip down light lens
Illuminated push button
C-rail low headroom bracket

2-Year Full Warranty

TV-tested to meet EN12453
For doors up to 110kg / 13,5m2

Technical Details:

800N, 230-240V/50Hz, 400W, 2,5A
Reduction means: Gear 16:1
Lifting capacity: Automatic 0-80kg
Travel rate: approx. 133mm/s
Shipping weight head: 12,2kg
Stand-by power consumption: 2,6W


433.92MHz Smart superheterodyne receiver
8 Memory registers
Two 4-channel mini remote control with rolling code

Supplied with 12-language EU instructions
Fitted with UK 3-pin fused cord-set