Garador Mk4 / F-Type (Pre 2002)

Garador Mk4 / F-Type Springs (Pre 2002)

Our Mk4 / F-Type springs, genuine or pattern are made to suit compatible garage doors manufactured from the late 1970’s up until when they were superceded by a new system in 2002.

Mk4 / F-Type springs are identified by a number which is punched into the screw in tag at the top of the spring on more recent springs, whereas, on early springs there is no screw in tag, just two loops of spring wire, the number on these early springs is found on the side of the white plastic collar.

Please view or download the spring identification chart here to assist you in ordering the correct spring for the garage door being repaired. We strongly recommend replacing these springs in pairs as often the other spring is not far from the end of its serviceable life anyway.