Garador Mk3C / C-Type (Pre 1999)

Garador Mk3C / C-Type (Pre 1999)

Garador Mk3C / C-Type canopy garage doors were discontinued in 1999 in favour of a new C-Type gear with side extension springs.

Mk3C / C-Type garage doors manufactured up to 1999, can be identified by the spring box unit mounted above the garage door which contains two springs connected to cables which run over a pulley wheels at the top corners of the garage door frame and within the side tracks, down to the roller spindles which are mounted on the garage door panel around a third up from the bottom of the garage door.

More recent Mk3C and C-Type garage doors have a spring box unit WITH a plastic cover whereas very early Mk3C garage doors had a spring box unit WITHOUT a plastic cover.

The early Mk3C spring box units should be replaced in their entirety as changing the springs is both difficult and quite dangerous.

Download a compatibility chart for Mk3c / C Type springs here.