Seip Handsets

Seip Remote Controls

Seip have made several changes over the years to both the garage door remotes and handset styles and to the radio frequencies that they utilise, it is therefore essential that correct identification is achieved. To assist you we have listed the changes in chronological order.

1995 to 1998 – A small number of early Seip garage door openers supplied from 1995 to 1998 used the SE27TX (26.995MHz) handset which had a purple operating button. These garage door handsets are no longer available but can be upgraded using our Universal Receiver Kit.

1995 to 1999 – Most Seip garage door openers sold in the UK prior to summer 1999, excluding those above, came supplied with the type SE40TX garage door handset operating on the 40.685MHz frequency. These are larger garage door remotes and handsets than those available today and can be easily identified by their reddish coloured operating button and fluted case design. These garage door remotes and handsets are no longer available but are fully compatible with the considerably smaller Type 40AM four channel Seip midi garage door keyfob which can be found in the listings below.

1999 to 2002 – During these years, all Seip garage door openers were supplied with the 433RC AM garage door keyfob remote.

September 2002 – Seip launched the TM60 and TS series garage door openers and supplied them with a new style of garage door remotes and handset, the Oval Midi Garage Door Keyfobs SKR433 and the Mini Keyfob SKRJ433. Current Seip garage door openers continue to be supplied with these garage door remotes and handsets.